My after college/but not entry level job search

This is new territory.’s…scary.


I first entered the workforce many, many moons ago. Armed with nothing but a year or so of college and an intense talent and passion for writing, I thought I was on top of the world. I was hitting those computer keys at The Port Arthur News with a FIERCE passion.

kermit typing

Five years later, I had my son and things changed. I noticed a glass ceiling and wanted to bypass it. The only way to do that was by getting a college degree. But has anyone told you how HARD it is to work to pay bills, take care of your child AND go to school?

wait its hard

Yes, it’s HARD. But nothing worth having comes easy. So, I stuck to it..for YEARS. And now, I’ve finally made it! I am weeks away from graduating with a degree in Communications (New Media)…and with a 3.97 GPA no less!


But what comes next? It’s a whole new world out there, people. You don’t just send off your resume. Ohhhh, no. That resume better be eye-catching and it has to represent who YOU are. I’ve seen resumes with people’s pictures and graphs and even infographic resumes!


Once you send off that resume, it isn’t the hiring manager that contacts you anymore. Nope. It’s a recruiter who is given the duty of weeding out the undesirables. And that just may…be…YOU.

oprah face

So you better be ready to impress. Recruiters know their stuff! And to be fair, it’s also a chance for you to learn about the job and the company. At this point, the job duties, salary and corporate culture may not be a match for YOU. This is a good time to decide that. Honestly, you should be checking out companies just as much as they are checking you out.

Then, if you make it past THAT stage, you can look forward to a phone or face to face interview with the actual hiring manager.

And the toughest part about this is knowing exactly what to expect and what to even apply for. While I’m a new college graduate (or will be…stop splitting hairs)..I’m not new to the working world. Heck, I’ve got about 5-10 years worth of experience under my belt.

I’ve decided to avoid any “tips of the trade” and just be me. I will research companies and find their strengths and weaknesses – not for strategic purposes, but isn’t that what you would want to know about a company you are interested in working for?

duh 2

I’m really just looking for a company where I can contribute my talents, passion, skills and education towards a shared goal. Even better if I can help people while doing so. I really believe our talents should be put towards serving others in some capacity.

So that’s my mission and I will keep trucking until I get there. Wish me luck!

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