Democrats SLAY social media campaigns

Just a few years ago, I remember perusing Facebook when something new and exciting caught my eye.

obama facebook

A presidential candidate was campaigning via social media. Oh, snap!


Future president Barack Obama was OWNING social media with his Twitter voting reminders and Facebook engagement. Poor John McCain’s campaign, in comparison, just sat back looking rather…well…elderly.

old man computer

How did it happen? Obama’s team knew how social media worked. It isn’t about just posting random marketing announcements. It’s about ENGAGEMENT. It was groundbreaking the way they engaged and treated the audience as if they mattered.

slow clap2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – social media is the new way to talk WITH your audience..not AT it. Obama GOT it. And so, I believe partially because of social media and the tie-in to his “time for a change” campaign – he won the election.

Soon after, presidential candidates started to grasp how important social media can be to campaigns. Now, it’s a matter of who is going to use it best. Hillary Clinton is off to a great start.

hillary post

She isn’t just using social media – she is ASKING for engagement. Better yet, she is asking for engagement using social media tools.

girl werk

Say what you will about Democrats, President Obama’s campaign or Hillary..but it’s clear that Democrats get social media. And what’s a better way of reaching constituents where they are than social media?!