Storytelling and social media

Under the cover of an inky black, dark starless night; Heather ambled silently towards her destination. Like a mirage in the distance, the closer she got, the further the target appeared. Her future depended on this journey and in the pit of her stomach, the grumbling anxiety confirmed that she knew this fact.

listening entertained

Finally, as the sounds of the night added an earthly soundtrack to her trek, Heather reached the mailbox at the end of her driveway, opened the small door and retrieved her college acceptance letter.

Wasn’t that better than “Tonight, Heather went and got her college acceptance letter out of her mailbox” (edited to add: my mother read my blog and wants you ALL to know that I did indeed write the improved story about Heather)?

Why? Because it’s story telling.


Social media is now one of the top ways of connecting with an audience. But are you viewing that audience as actual people or just consumers?

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The best marketers and communicators understand that storytelling is the way to engage PEOPLE and inspire them to act.

Social media is all about building connections and storytelling is a huge part of that.

This means that you will do more than just tweet announcements to anyone following your brand. You’ve got to talk about that woman who visited your clinic last week and since has had improved health. Tell HER story.

You’ve got to share the story of that employee who went from working as an assistant to a director thanks in part to your education programs. Share that journey. These are the things that connect a brand to PEOPLE and not just consumers.

Before you begin your storytelling, its important to know who is your audience and how do they interact with your brand? What is my audience saying? What content would our audience be interested in? How can we offer something different from other brands? How do we get the audience to choose our brand over the next?

Once you can make that connection, watch your business grow and amaze you.