What do the best brands on social media have in common?

social media engagement


Social media permits more interactive dialogue with your clients. Instead of just paper, you have bilateral communication. The client can submit their own desires, comments and complaints. You hear from the client as opposed to the client only hearing from the company.

The smartest companies are taking FULL advantage of this.

In particular, Kimpton Hotels is truly knocking it out of the park. They don’t just Tweet about what’s going on within their trendy 30+ hotels. They reach out to customers and the public to create REAL relationships.


And  THAT, dear friends, is where the REAL business can start happening. Once you’ve shown that you care – your audience REALLY starts listening. And even better, they start doing something SPECTACULAR.

They start telling everyone all about how GREAT you are!

On the other side of the spectrum, you can completely RUIN it. An angry client recently posted a complaint on the GoGoSqueeze Facebook pages. Suddenly, the post disappeared. The company acted as if it was never there.

lies 2

GoGoSqueeze finally admitted to both the complaint and that the posting had been deleted. But fans weren’t having it and even now, months later, customers are still expressing their displeasure on the page.

murder she wrote  gif

Deleting posts and complaints…JUST DON’T DO IT.

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